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Division 10 : Manufacture of food products
101  Processing and preserving of meat
 1010 Processing and preserving of meat
   This class includes non edible by products
   This class excludes:
   - manufacture of prepared frozen meat and poultry dishes, see 1075
   - manufacture of soup containing meat, see 1079
   - wholesale trade of meat, see 4630
   - packaging of meat, see 8292
  10101Mutton-slaughtering, preparation
  10102Beef-slaughtering, preparation
  10103Pork-slaughtering, preparation
  10104Poultry and other slaughtering, preparation
  10105Preservation, Processing and canning of meat
  10106Production of hides and skins originating from slaughterhouses
  10107Rendering of lard and other edible fats of animal origin
  10108Production and processing of animal offal
  10109Production, processing and preserving of other meat and meat products n.e.c.
102  Processing and preserving of fish, crustaceans and molluscs and products thereof
 1020 Processing and preserving of fish, crustaceans and molluscs and products thereof
   This class excludes:
   - processing of whales on land or specialized vessels, see 1010
   - production of oils and fats from marine material, see 1040
   - manufacture of prepared frozen fish dishes, see 1075
   - manufacture of fish soups, see 1079
  10201Sun-drying of fish
  10202Artificial dehydration of fish and sea food
  10203Radiation preservation of fish and similar food
  10204Processing and preserving of fish crustacean and similar foods
  10205Processing and canning of fish
  10206Processing and canning of frog legs
  10207Production of fishmeal for human consumption or animal feed
  10209Production, processing and preservation of other fish products n.e.c.
103  Processing and preserving of fruit and vegetables
 1030 Processing and preserving of fruit and vegetables
   This class excludes:
   - manufacture of flour or meal of dried leguminous vegetables, see 1061
   - preservation of fruit and nuts in sugar, see 1073
   - manufacture of prepared vegetable dishes, see 1075
   - manufacture of artificial concentrates, see 1079
  10301Sun-drying of fruit and vegetables
  10302Artificial dehydration of fruit and vegetables
  10303Radiation preservation of fruit and vegetables
  10304Manufacture of fruit or vegetable juices and their concentrates, squashes and powder
  10305Manufacture of sauces, jams, jellies and marmalades
  10306Manufacture of pickles, chutney etc.
  10307Canning of fruits and vegetables
  10308Manufacture of potato flour & meals and prepared meals of vegetables
  10309Preservation of fruit and vegetables n.e.c.
104  Manufacture of vegetable and animal oils and fats
 1040 Manufacture of vegetable and animal oils and fats
   This class excludes:
   - rendering and refining of lard and other edible animal fats, see 1010
   - wet corn milling, see 1062
   - production of essential oils, see 2029
   - treatment of oil and fats by chemical processes, see 2029
  10401Manufacture of hydrogenated oil and vanaspati ghee
  10402Manufacture of vegetable oils and fats excluding corn oil
  10403Manufacture of edible animal oils and fats
  10404Manufacture of fish oil
  10405Manufacture of non-edible animal oil and fats
  10406Manufacture of oil cakes & meals incl. residual products, e.g.Oleostearin,Palmstearin
  10407Manufacture of non-defatted flour or meals of oilseeds, oilnuts or kernels
  10409Manufacture of other vegetable oil, animal oil and fats n.e.c
105  Manufacture of dairy products
 1050 Manufacture of dairy products
   This class excludes:
   - production of raw milk (cattle), see 0141
   - production of raw milk (camels, etc.), see 0143
   - production of raw milk (sheep, goats, horses, asses, etc.), see 0144
   - manufacture of non-dairy milk and cheese substitutes, see 1079
   - activities of ice cream parlours, see 5610
  10501Manufacture of pasteurised milk whether or not in bottles/ polythene packsetc. (plain or flavoured)
  10502Manufacture of milk-powder, ice-cream powder and condensed milk except baby milk food
  10503Manufacture of baby milk foods
  10504Manufacture of cream, butter, cheese, curd, ghee, khoya etc.
  10505Manufacture of ice-cream, kulfi etc.
  10509Manufacture of other dairy products n.e.c.
106  Manufacture of grain mill products, starches and starch products
 1061 Manufacture of grain mill products
   This class excludes:
   - manufacture of potato flour and meal, see 1030
   - wet corn milling, see 1062
  10611Flour milling
  10612Rice milling
  10613Dal (pulses) milling
  10614Grain milling other than wheat, rice and dal
  10615Vegetable milling (production of flour or meal of dried leguminous vegetables(except dal), of roots or tubers, or of edible nuts)
  10616Manufacture of cereal breakfast foods obtained by roasting or swelling cereal grains
  10617Manufacture of flour mixes and prepared blended flour and dough for bread, cakes, biscuits
  10618Manufacture of other readymade mixed powders like idli, gulabjamun etc.
  10619Other grain milling and processing n.e.c.
 1062 Manufacture of starches and starch products
   This class excludes:
   - manufacture of lactose (milk sugar), see 1050
   - production of cane or beet sugar, see 1072
  10621Manufacture of starches from rice, potatoes, maize etc.
  10622Manufacture of sago and sago products
  10623Manufacture of glucose, glucose syrup, maltose etc.
  10624Manufacture of gluten
  10625Manufacture of tapioca and tapioca substitutes prepared from starch
  10626Manufacture of corn oil
  10629Manufacture of other starch products n.e.c.
107  Manufacture of other food products
 1071 Manufacture of bakery products
   This class excludes:
   - manufacture of farinaceous products (pastas), see 1074
   - manufacture of potato snacks, see 1030
   - heating up of bakery items for immediate consumption, see division 56
  10711Manufacture of bread
  10712Manufacture of biscuits, cakes, pastries, rusks etc.
  10719Manufacture of other bakery products n.e.c.
 1072 Manufacture of sugar
   This class excludes:
   - manufacture of glucose, glucose syrup, maltose, see 1062
  10721Manufacture or refining of sugar (sucrose) from sugercane
  10722Manufacture of `gur’ from sugarcane
  10723Manufacture of `gur’ from other than sugarcane
  10724Manufacture of `khandsari’ sugar from sugarcane
  10725Manufacture of `khandsari’ suger from other than sugarcane
  10726Manufacture of `boora’ and candy from sugarcane
  10727Manufacture of `boora’ and candy from other than sugarcane
  10728Manufacture of molasses
  10729Manufacture of sugar from other sources (juice of palm, suger beet etc.)
 1073 Manufacture of cocoa, chocolate and sugar confectionery
   This class excludes:
   - manufacture of sucrose sugar, see 1072
  10731Manufacture of cocoa products
  10732Manufacture of chocolate and chocolate confectionery
  10733Manufacture of sugar confectionery (except sweetmeats)
  10734Manufacture sweetmeats includind dairy based sweetmeats
  10735Manufacture of chewing gum
  10736Preserving in sugar of fruit, nuts, fruit peels and other parts of plants
  10739Manufacture of other cocoa, chocolate, sugar confectionery products n.e.c.
 1074 Manufacture of macaroni, noodles, couscous and similar farinaceous products
   This class includes manufacture of pastas such as macaroni and noodles,whether or not cooked or stuffed, manufacture of couscous, manufacture of canned or frozen pasta products
   This class excludes:
   - manufacture of soup containing pasta, see 1079
  10740Manufacture of macaroni, noodles, couscous and similar farinaceous
 1075 Manufacture of prepared meals and dishes
   This class includes manufacture of ready-made (i.e. prepared, seasoned and cooked) meals and dishes, in frozen or canned form. These dishes are usually packaged and labeled for re-sale, i.e. this class does not include the preparation of meals for immediate consumption, such as in restaurants
   This class excludes:
   - wholesale of prepared meals and dishes, see 4630
   - retail sale of prepared meals and dishes in stores, see 4711, 4721
   - activities of food service contractors, see 5629
  10750Manufacture of prepared meals and dishes
 1079 Manufacture of other food products n.e.c.
   This class excludes:
   - growing of spice crops, see 0128
   - manufacture of inulin, see 1062
   - manufacture of frozen pizza, see 1075
   - manufacture of spirits, beer, wine and soft drinks, see division 11
   - preparation of botanical products for pharmaceutical use, see 2100
  10791Processing and blending of tea including manufacture of instant tea
  10792Coffee curing, roasting, grinding blending etc. and manufacturing of coffee
  10793Processing of edible nuts
  10794Manufacture of malted foods including foods for infants and handicapped
  10795Grinding and processing of spices
  10796Manufacture of papads, appalam and similar food products
  10797Manufacture of vitaminised high protein flour, frying of dal and other
  10798Processing of salt into food-grade salt, e.g. iodized salt
  10799Other semi-processed, processed or instant foods n.e.c. except farinaceous products and malted foods and manufacturing activities like manufacture of egg powder, sambar powder etc. (this excludes the activities covered under 10619)
108  Manufacture of prepared animal feeds
 1080 Manufacture of prepared animal feeds
   This class excludes:
   - production of fishmeal for animal feed, see 1020
   - production of oilseed cake, see 1040
   - activities resulting in by-products usable as animal feed without special treatment, e.g. oilseeds (see 1040), grain milling residues (see 1061) etc.
  10801Manufacture of cattle feed
  10802Manufacture of poultry feed
  10803Manufacture of prepared feeds for pets, including dogs, cats, birds, fish etc.
  10809Manufacture of other animal feeds n.e.c.
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