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Section J : Financial intermediation
Division 65 : Financial intermediation, Except insurance and Pension Funding
Group Class Sub - Class Description
651     Monetary Intermediation [This group includes the obtaining of funds in the form of deposits]
  6511 65110 Central banking [relates to the functions and working of the Reserve Bank of India]
  6519   Other monetary intermediation. [includes monetary intermediation of commercial banks, discount houses saving banks and other specialised institutions granting credit for house purchases that also take deposits
    65191 Monetary intermediation of commercial banks, saving banks and discount houses
    65192 Activities of specialised institutions granting credit for house purchases that also take deposits
659     Other financial intermediation. [This group includes financial intermediation other than that conducted by monetary institutions.]
  6591 65910 Financial leasing [Operational leasing is classified in division 71]
  6592   Other credit granting.[This class includes financial intermediation primarily concerned with making loans by institutions not involved in monetary intermediation, including the granting of consumer credit, the provision of long-term finance to industry and money lending outside the banking system.(Financial leasing is classified in class 6591 and Operational leasing in division 71)]
    65921 Activities of hire-purchase financing
    65922 Activities of housing finance companies. (Granting of credit for house purchase by specialised institutions that do not also take deposits is included here
    65923 Activities of commercial loan companies. (included are the activities of the company which is carrying on as its principal business providing of loans or advances or otherwise for any activity other than its own
    65924 Activities through credit cards
    65929 Other credit activities including pawn shops n.e.c. (Un-incorporated financial institutions in class 6599)
  6599   Other financial intermediation n.e.c. [This class includes other financial intermediation primarily concerned with distributing funds other than by making loans. This includes investment in securities including dealing for own account by securities dealers.(Security dealing on behalf of others is classified in class 6712)]
    65991 Activities of Mutual Funds including Unit Trust of India
    65992 Activities of Chit fund/Kuri companies
    65993 Non-operating financial holding companies (Investment Companies)
    65999 Other financial intermediation n.e.c. (Provident and insurance services are classified in division 66.)
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