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Section G : Wholesale and retail trade; Repair of motor vehicles, Motorcycles and Personal and Household goods
Division 52 : Retail trade, Except of motor vehicles and motorcycles; Repair of personal and household goods
Group Class Sub - Class Description
521     Non-specialized retail trade in stores
  5211 52110 Retail sale in non-specialized stores with food, beverages or tobacco predominating [Includes mainly the so-called general stores which have, apart from their main sales of groceries, several other lines of merchandise such as cosmetics, clothing etc.]
  5219 52190 Other retail sale in non-specialized stores [Includes mainly the so-called departmental stores carrying a general line of merchandise, including wearing apparel, appliances, cosmetics, jewellery, toys, sporting goods etc.. Such lines are generally arranged in separate departments but are integrated under a single management.]
522 5220   Retail sale of food, beverages and tobacco in specialized stores
    52201 Retail sale of cereals and pulses, tea, coffee, spices, flour and other basic food items
    52202 Retail sale of fresh fruits and vegetables
    52203 Retail sale of meat, fish and poultry
    52204 Retail sale of sweetmeats & confectionery
    52205 Retail sale of bakery products, dairy products and eggs
    52206 Retail sale of aerated water, soft drinks and ice creams
    52207 Retail sale of paan, bidi, cigarette, opium, ganja, cinchona etc
    52208 Retail sale of wine and liquor , not consumed on the spot
    52209 Retail sale of food products n.e.c
523     Other retail trade of new goods in specialized stores
  5231   Retail sale of pharmaceutical and medical goods, cosmetic and toilet articles
    52311 Retail sale of pharmaceutical, medical and orthopedic goods
    52312 Retail sale of perfumery articles, cosmetics and soaps
  5232   Retail sale of textiles, clothing, footwear and leather goods [including travel accessories]
    52321 Retail sale of textiles
    52322 Retail sale of readymade garments, including hosiery goods
    52323 Retail sale of footwear
    52324 Retail sale of leather goods and travel accessories
  5233   Retail sale of household appliances, articles and equipment
    52331 Retail sale of crockery, glassware and plastic ware
    52332 Retail sale of gas stoves, cooking/kitchen appliances and utensils (other than those classified in Sub-class 52331)
    52333 Retail sale of furniture
    52334 Retail sale of TV/radio, refrigerators, washing machines and other electric/electronic household goods (retail sale of watches and clocks is included in class 5239)
    52335 Retail sale of electric goods and supplies n.e.c [includes retail sale of insulated wires/cables, articles for lighting and other miscellaneous electric goods not elsewhere classified]
    52339 Retail sale of household appliances, articles and equipment n.e.c. [Includes retail sale of sewing and knitting machines; net curtains and diverse household articles of textile materials; wood, cork goods and wickerwork goods and other household utilities and durables not elsewhere classified]
  5234   Retail sale of hardware, paints and glass
    52341 Retail sale of construction materials
    52342 Retail sale of hardware, including paints, varnishes, lacquers and do-it-yourself materials and equipment
    52343 Retail sale of glass
  5239   Other retail sale in specialized stores
    52391 Retail sale of watches and clocks
    52392 Retail sale of computers and non-customized software (supply of specialized software is covered under 722)
    52393 Retail sale of jewellery
    52394 Retail sale of photographic, optical and other stores and supplies etc
    52395 Retail sale of firewood, coal and kerosene oil and cooking gases
    52396 Retail sale of books, magazines and stationery, including distribution of newspapers
    52397 Retail sale of agricultural inputs (seeds, fertilisers, pesticides), machinery, equipment and tools
    52398 Retail sale of sport goods, games and toys
    52399 Other retail sale in specialized stores n.e.c. [Includes retail sale of flowers and plants; pet animals; wall paper and floor coverings; bicycles, cycle rickshaw, tonga & other non-mechanised vehicles and other non-food products not elsewhere classified]
524 5240 52400 Retail sale of second-hand goods in stores
525     Retail trade not in stores
  5251   Retail sale via mail order houses [includes the activity of retail selling through tele-shopping]
    52511 Retail sale via mail order houses
    52512 Retail sale via e-commerce
  5252 52520 Retail sale via stalls and markets
  5259   Other non-store retail sale [ including network marketing
    52591 Retail sale of lottery tickets
    52599 Other non-store retail sale n.e.c. (Includes retail sale of any kind of product in anyway which is not included in the previous classes/sub-classes, such as by salespersons who go from house to house or by vending machines or on a fee or contract basis)
526 5260   Repair of personal and household goods [Includes repair of personal and household goods when not done in combination with manufacture or wholesale or retail sale of these goods]
    52601 Repair of footwear and leather goods
    52602 Repair of household electrical appliances
    52603 Repair of TV,VCR, radio, tape recorder, refrigerator and other similar items
    52604 Repair of watches and clocks
    52605 Repair of bicycles, cycle rickshaws and other non-mechanised vehicles
    52609 Repair of personal and household goods n.e.c
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