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Section D : Manufacturing
Division 30 : Manufacture of office, Accounting and Computing machinery
Group Class Sub - Class Description
300 3000   Manufacture of office, accounting and computing machinery
    30001 Manufacture of manual or electric/electronic typewriters
    30002 Manufacture of hectograph or stencil duplicating machines, addressing machines and sheet fed type offset printing machine
    30003 Manufacture of hand-held or desk-top calculating machines; other calculators; accounting machines, cash registers, postage franking machines, ticket issuing machines and similar machines incorporating a calculating device
    30004 Manufacture of photo-copying apparatus incorporating an optical system or of the contact type and thermo-copying apparatus
    30005 Manufacture of analog data-processing machines comprising analogue elements, control elements and programming elements; additional elements for analogue computers having an input or an output function
    30006 Manufacture of complete digital systems comprising a central processing unit, an input unit and an output unit; digital systems which include peripheral units such as additional input/output units, additional storage units etc
    30007 Manufacture of computer peripherals like magnetic disk/floppy/ winchester disk drives, magnetic tape /cassette/cartidge drives; punch tape readers, curve followers, graph plotters; serial/daisy wheel/line printers, data entry equipment with or without visual display; web camera (digital); magnetic or optical readers; machines for transcribing data onto data media in coded form; and so fort
    30008 Manufacture of other office machinery and equipment n.e.c. : machines that sort, wrap or count coins; automatic bank note dispensers; machines that stuff envelops, sort mail; pencil sharpeners; document shredders; perforating or stapling machines etc.
    30009 Manufacture of automatic data processing machines and other computing machinery, including parts and accessories for computing machinery n.e.c
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